Presentation Layers

Clean formatting and reporting is important.

from Lyx to LaTeX

In community college I experimented with a \LaTeX GUI called Lyx to create homework for my math and physics classes. At Berkeley the math graduate student instructors turned me on to just typing in \LaTeX. Once I got over the learning curve I liked it much better than Lyx. Although intimidating at first, typing in a markup language offers more speed and control.

Lately I’ve come to the realization that I love R, and I enjoy coding. I plan to do it for many years. It makes sense then to spend some time up front learning how to generate a proper report, and to share work and results with others.

markup? markdown!

I’m writing this blog post in Rstudio using markdown, following Yihui Xie’s instructions. Once I’m done I’ll publish it on WordPress and save the source .Rmd file to a GitHub repository.

My first impressions of markdown are positive. It’s a snap to add math- just check out this post from Rstudio. I plan to use it at work to generate reports in HTML. Having the ability to easily do that feels empowering. Thanks to all those who make it possible.

EDIT: I’m unable to maintain the \LaTeX typesetting when I knit from Rstudio to WordPress, even when I follow the instructions from RStudio. Anyone know how to fix this?